Mar 25 2021
Congratulations to Dr Emily Stevenson

We at TIDE are delighted to congratulate our very own Dr Emily Stevenson for successfully defending her thesis, ''Incorporate into one body torne and scattered limmes': Recontextualising Principal Navigations within the networks of Richard Hakluyt'.

Dr Stevenson's research focuses on reconstructing the networks, both textual and social, which surrounded late sixteenth-century English travel writers. She is particularly concerned with Richard Hakluyt, the editor of both editions of The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, a major source for the history of Elizabethan travel and narratives of early English empire. Her research deconstructs the work back into its constituent parts, and uses network analysis to examine the societal structures which influenced Hakluyt’s editorial choices and textual analysis to closely study the effects of this process on the text itself. It is an innovative and wide-reaching study that makes a significant contribution to scholarship on early modern travel and travel writing.

It has been a privilege to have had Dr Stevenson on the TIDE team for the past three years, and we look forward to continuing working together as Emily takes up her new role of Research Associate on the project. In-person celebrations are on the horizon, but until then, we are sure you will all join us in congratulating her on this incredible achievement!