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Rogue and Worldmaking

In my first semester as a new assistant professor at Butler University, I incorporated ERC-TIDE’s open-access Keywords of Identity, Race, and Human Mobility in Early Modern England (Amsterdam UP, 2021) in my undergraduate British Literature survey on worlding and worldmaking. In the text we read, my class traced how British writers of the premodern past […]

TIDEfest: Fragments, Speaking Trees, and ‘Digital Debris’

On the weekend of 31 July and 1 August 2021, following its ‘On Belonging’ conference, TIDE held a free online cultural festival. Through seven events, TIDEfest showcased the project’s five-year engagement with creative practitioners, bringing together all of TIDE’s visiting writers and a range of other authors, educators, and artists. TIDEfest began with ‘Teaching Migration, […]

‘On Belonging 2’ Conference Report

Almost exactly three years after our first ‘On Belonging’ conference, the TIDE team organised a digital follow-up to expand on and reflect upon the conversations we have had so far. Though COVID-19 restrictions took us online, running a virtual event also offered a number of benefits. We were able to offer a longer, much more […]

Michelangelo Florio’s manuscript grammar (1553): Tuscan language learning and ‘spiritual denizenship’ in Tudor England

Che portasti tu d’Italia? (What did you bring from Italy?) Io ne portai a fatica la vita (Barely I brought my life) Michelangelo Florio’s (1518-1566) biography as an Italian religious refugee in London transpires in this short dialogue in his manuscript grammar Regole de la Lingua Thoscana (Rules of the Tuscan language) dedicated to his […]

Anglican Travellers and the Religious Diversity of the Ottoman World: John Covel (1638-1722), the Greek Church and the Sign of the Cross

Between 1671 and 1677 John Covel, an Anglican cleric and fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge, served as chaplain to the English embassy to the court of the Ottoman Empire. During this time, Covel travelled across large parts of Thrace and Asia Minor, before returning to England via much of Greece, Italy and France. Over the […]

News and Events
Announcing Haig Smith’s Monograph, Religion and Governance in England’s Emerging Colonial Empire
January 14 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Haig Smith has published his first monograph, Religion and Governance in England’s Emerging Colonial Empire, 1601–1698. Haig’s research provides an important new look at the structure of the British government’s imperial expansion in the seventeenth century. Focusing on English overseas companies and their relationship to an […]

Registration now open for ‘Richard Hakluyt and the French Connection’
January 13 2022

Registration is now open for ‘Richard Hakluyt and the French Connection’, a one day conference being held in Oxford and online over Zoom on Friday 4 February 2022. To register, sign up via Eventbrite ( for in person attendance, or for online). We hope that offering a hybrid mode of attendance will support participants […]

TRACTION Teacher Fellowship Programme
January 4 2022

The University of Oxford’s European Research Council funded TRACTION project is pleased to offer the TRACTION Teacher Fellowship scheme and invites applications from UK based teachers of English and History currently working in secondary schools. This free online programme of training and professional development will provide successful applicants with research informed approaches to the teaching […]

Call for Papers: Hormuz 1622: Connected Histories and Transcultural Receptions
December 13 2021

The call for papers for ‘Hormuz 1622: Connected Histories and Transcultural Receptions’ is now open! Organised by Professors Edmund Herzig (ONGC, Oxford) and Ladan Niayesh (LARCA, Université de Paris), this one-day hybrid conference hosted online and in-person at Exeter College, Oxford focuses on the recapture of the island of Hormuz by a coalition of Safavid […]

Introducing TIDE’s New Interns
December 9 2021

We are delighted to announce that two TIDE interns have joined the team to help with the day-to-day running of the project and create new, exciting content for both the project website and our social media channels. Dominic Madera is reading a second BA in English at Exeter College, Oxford, funded by the Donovan-Moody Fellowship […]