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A Court Musician’s Backup Gig: Angelo Notari as Venetian Spy

At the start of my doctoral research last year in the Archivio di Stato di Venezia, I spotted a familiar but unexpected name in the Venetian state papers. It was signed at the bottom of a receipt, in handwriting that I had only seen in a British Library music manuscript [1]. This was the signature […]

The Merits of Civility | 5 July 2019 | Waterstones Piccadilly

Last Friday, TIDE visiting writer Nikesh Shukla sat down with Priyamvada Gopal, Reader in Anglophone and Related Literatures in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge, Nish Kumar, a critically acclaimed comic, and journalist, editor, and producer Hussein Kesvani for a conversation about anger, social media, and the place of humour in public […]


Panel chaired by Dawn Butler MP discusses the findings of the joint report on ‘Teaching Migration, Belonging and Empire in Secondary Schools’. On 4 July, TIDE and the Runnymede Trust presented their joint report on ‘Teaching Migration, Belonging and Empire in Secondary Schools’ at a panel discussion in the Houses of Parliament hosted and chaired […]

Arriving at an Enquiry Question: Beacon Fellowship Blog

The Beacon Teacher Fellowship is a fantastic and fascinating project to be part of. Our weekly readings open up new avenues of research, enquiry and learning that allow us to understand, share and discuss our responses to TIDE Keywords (which is a brilliant resource), literary and historical documents as well as artwork on the weekly […]

The Responsibility and Power of Words by Nikesh Shukla

It’s been quite a journey for me, working on the TIDE Project. It’s a new mode of thinking, one that relies on so much more than instinct or opinion. It relies on research, care, diligence and an ability to spot patterns. When I think about what has shaped my thinking on migration and how that […]

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TIDE is Moving Home
September 11 2019

After three lively years at the University of Liverpool, TIDE will be moving at the end of the month to its new home at the University of Oxford. Although we’re leaving, we are looking forward to continuing our collaborations with friends and colleagues at the University of Liverpool, the School of the Arts, the Centre […]

ANNOUNCING TIDE-Runnymede Report: Teaching Migration, Belonging, and Empire in Secondary Schools
July 2 2019

The TIDE Project (University of Liverpool) and the leading race equality think tank, The Runnymede Trust, have today published a report calling on the government to make the teaching of migration, belonging, and Empire, mandatory in secondary schools, and to provide teachers with the practical support and resources necessary to equip them to teach these […]

The Merits of Civility: Nish Kumar, Priyamvada Gopal and Hussein Kesvani in conversation with Nikesh Shukla
June 16 2019

What place does “civilised debate” have in today’s political climate? Do ideas of civility hark back to colonial ideas of “civilising savages”? TIDE visiting writer Nikesh Shukla joins Nish Kumar, Priyamvada Gopal, and Hussein Kesvani in Waterstones Piccadilly for a discussion on the merits of civilised debates, and whether absolutes can ever lead to nuanced […]


Movement, Place and Meaning – Public Lectures in the Arts
The Stranger at the Door
April 24 2019

Victoria Gallery & Museum – Leggate Theatre | University of Liverpool Wednesday, 1 May 2019 from 17:00 to 19:00pm Movement, Place and Meaning is the first of an annual series of public lectures presented by the School of the Arts at the University of Liverpool. The lectures showcase the research of the School and its […]

Announcement! ‘Who’s Laughing? In Conversation with Nikesh Shukla, Robin Ince & Josie Long
March 6 2019

Thu 14 Mar 2019, £5, includes free drink on arrival, EVERYMAN BISTRO Join the award-winning author Nikesh Shukla (The Good Immigrant), comedians Robin Ince and Josie Long and researchers from the University of Liverpool’s TIDE project for a conversation about identity, humour, and Englishness. Playing on differences of culture and language has long been a […]