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Jacob Verzelini and the Crutched Friars Glasshouse

‘My Best Beloved Churchyard’, wrote Charles Dickens of St Olave’s Hart Street in The Uncommercial Traveller. The plaque outside the parish church on Seething Lane in London’s financial district offers a smorgasbord of tempting historical associations. None other than ‘MOTHER GOOSE’ was interred here in September 1586. Three hundred and sixty-five victims of the Great […]

The Chinese Convert

On 5 September 1687, the University of Oxford offered a banquet in honour of James II at the Bodleian Library. The king seemed to have been less impressed by the pantagruelian menu of 111 hot and cold dishes prepared by the university, than with the Bodleian catalogue. After taking his seat, James asked if the […]

Devout Pictures and Imperilled Souls: English Travellers on the Enticements of Spain

The seventeenth-century figures and furnishings in La Macarena, Seville. A condemnation of excess, and a praise of the Aristotelian ‘golden mean’, was a rigorous benchmark for self-examination in sixteenth and seventeenth-century moral literature and political thought. Yet gentlemen also praised the desires and passions in a way that subversively celebrated the decadence of sin. ‘The […]

The Misshapen Renaissance: What broken objects tell us about early modern craft

Imitation German stoneware are commonly excavated across England. This jug was found in Rainford, Merseyside. The objects in our next #gateofaccess series may at first seem a world away from the Tudor portraits or the Italianate neoclassicism that often embody the polished appeal of the Renaissance. Here, we present a defence of the ordinary, where […]

Looking back on our 20th November TIDE seminar ‘English Travellers, Spies, and Diplomats in Foreign Courts’

On 20 November, TIDE held its first seminar of the academic year on the theme of ‘English Travellers, Spies, and Diplomats in Foreign Courts’ with Joan-Pau Rubiés (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ICREA) and Nadine Akkerman (Leiden University). These two excellent papers prompted a great deal of discussion amongst the attendees, despite an unexpected fire alarm. Levant […]

News and Events
Registration is now open for ‘On Belonging: English Conceptions of Migration and Transculturality, 1550 – 1700’
May 21 2018

We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our summer conference in London ‘On Belonging: English Conceptions of Migration and Transculturality, 1550 – 1700’ which will take place at the London Campus of the University of Liverpool between 26 and 28 July 2018. Download a #Onbelonging programme here! Confirmed speakers include: Marina […]

Join us on the 26 May ‘Under the Moon’ for performances about early modern fantastic voyages in the Anglican Cathedral
May 14 2018

Join researchers from the School of Arts, University of Liverpool under the moon for a series of short performances about early modern fantastic voyages. In collaboration with the University of Liverpool Players, costumed actors will enliven historical documents written by Renaissance writers including Shakespeare. These dramatic readings of journeys involving exploration and moon topographies explore […]

Announcing the publication of TIDE: KEYWORDS
May 8 2018

We are thrilled to announce the publication of TIDE’s first major collaborative output — the online, open access resource, TIDE: Keywords. Keywords is the product of 18 months of collaborative work by the whole TIDE team, producing 39 short essays on a selection of keyword terms covering topics related to language, Renaissance, travel, migration, religion, […]


RESCHEDULED TIDE talk and launch of TIDE’s open access Keyword resource: 9th May, 13:15. Budden Lecture Theatre, Leverhulme Building. University of Liverpool.

April 25 2018

Join us and Professor Sylvia Adamson (University of Sheffield) on 9 May for the launch of TIDE’s open access keyword resource and an informal lunch time talk (bring your own sandwiches) on ‘Ideology and Language-change 1500-1800: Literary and Linguistic perspectives’. Sylvia Adamson is Professor of Renaissance Studies at the University of Sheffield and TIDE Visiting […]

Nikesh Shukla will be 2018-19 TIDE Writer in Residence
February 19 2018

TIDE is excited to announce that the award winning author Nikesh Shukla shall be joining TIDE as our 2018-19 writer in residence. Nikesh has authored three books and his latest work, The One Who Wrote Destiny comes out in Spring 2018. His debut novel, Coconut Unlimited, was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award 2010. […]