Jan 14 2022
Announcing Haig Smith’s Monograph, Religion and Governance in England’s Emerging Colonial Empire

We are thrilled to announce that our very own Haig Smith has published his first monograph, Religion and Governance in England’s Emerging Colonial Empire, 1601–1698. Haig's research provides an important new look at the structure of the British government’s imperial expansion in the seventeenth century. Focusing on English overseas companies and their relationship to an English ‘governmental identity’, he argues that these companies provide an important link between colonial governments and ‘religious governance’ as England developed an empire.

Unsurprisingly, the monograph has already received rave reviews. William Pettigrew (Lancaster) has emphasised its “conceptual precision” and “expansive, global field of view”, and Thomas Leng (Sheffield) says “It will be a valuable read for anyone wishing to learn about how England established a presence in the wider world.” This brilliant volume is available open-access - just click here!.