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Michelangelo Florio’s manuscript grammar (1553): Tuscan language learning and ‘spiritual denizenship’ in Tudor England

Che portasti tu d’Italia? (What did you bring from Italy?) Io ne portai a fatica la vita (Barely I brought my life) Michelangelo Florio’s (1518-1566) biography as an Italian religious refugee in London transpires in this short dialogue in his manuscript grammar Regole de la Lingua Thoscana (Rules of the Tuscan language) dedicated to his […]

Anglican Travellers and the Religious Diversity of the Ottoman World: John Covel (1638-1722), the Greek Church and the Sign of the Cross

Between 1671 and 1677 John Covel, an Anglican cleric and fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge, served as chaplain to the English embassy to the court of the Ottoman Empire. During this time, Covel travelled across large parts of Thrace and Asia Minor, before returning to England via much of Greece, Italy and France. Over the […]

‘What ish [the] nation?’

Something I’ve repeatedly come up against in my doctoral research is the perception of early modern England as a homogenous entity. Matthew Greenfield has rightly observed the problematic depiction of ‘English culture as a homogenous entity with clear boundaries, uncomplicated by the British question’. Happily, recent scholarship has done much to counteract this depiction, redirecting […]

Sir Henry Lello’s Embassy to Constantinople: Why information about The Islamic World and ‘The East’ was important to Early Modern England

In the late 16th century William Harborne, English ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, managed to secure a set of capitulations from the Turkish Sultan which reduced tariffs on English goods and paved the way for a fruitful economic relationship that would last until the dawn of the 20th century. Harborne’s friendly relations with the Ottoman […]

TIDE Salon: A Voyage Through our New Digital Project

‘Princess entertaining a visitor on the balcony’, mid-to-late 17th century, Met Museum. TIDE Salon is a radical new archive: a ground-breaking, interactive multimedia collaboration between TIDE, the award-winning novelist Preti Taneja, six extraordinary sound and spoken word artists (Steve Chandra Savale, Sarathy Korwar, Shama Rahman, Ms. Mohammed, Sanah Ahsan, and Zia Ahmed), curator and creative […]

News and Events
Announcing TIDEfest, 31 July – 1 August 2021
July 7 2021

Following our ‘On Belonging’ conference, the TIDE project (Travel, Transculturality and Identity in England, 1550–1700) is delighted to announce TIDEfest, a free online literary festival to be held the weekend of 31 July & 1 August. TIDEfest will bring together all five of the project’s visiting writers, as well as a number of scholars, teachers, […]

Register for ‘On Belonging 2’
June 16 2021

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for TIDE’s online summer conference, ‘On Belonging 2: English Conceptions of Migration and Belonging, 1550-1700’ (27-30 July 2021). Join us as we explore questions of identity, migration, and belonging in the early modern period through a range of panels, discussions, roundtables, lightning talks, and creative […]

Job Opportunity: Part-Time Research Assistant on the ERC-funded Project TRACTION
June 1 2021

We are delighted to advertise an exciting opportunity to work with Professor Nandini Das and Dr Jason Todd as a part-time Research Assistant (0.5FTE) on their European Research Council (ERC) funded project TRACTION (Teaching Race, Belonging, Empire and Migration). The project will produce a pioneering online platform of training, resources, and community network to equip […]

RHS Whitfield Book Prize 2021 Nomination for Dr Lauren Working
May 17 2021

TIDE is pleased to announce that our very own Dr Lauren Working has been shortlisted for the RHS Whitfield Book Prize 2021 for her first monograph, The Making of an Imperial Polity: Civility and America in the Jacobean Metropolis (Cambridge University Press, 2020). Focusing on Elizabethan and Jacobean politics, sociability, and empire, Dr Working’s book […]

TIDE and Middling Culture Collaboration
May 12 2021

TIDE is pleased to announce a collaboration with the AHRC-funded Middling Culture project, directed by Professor Catherine Richardson at the University of Kent. Middling Culture examines the cultural practices of the oft-neglected ‘middling sort’, an urban and literate social group to which some of the most significant prose and dramatic writers of the period belonged. […]